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среда, 15 ноября 2017 г.

Datapop - Pop (2017) Lossless + mp3

Swedish music-project DATAPOP - a new name in Razgrom Music roster. However, for all lovers of the analogue electronic «Düsseldorfian-neo-kraut sound» the name of this band from Stockholm is well known, because DATAPOP is an important part of label Plonk, specializing in the production of so-called «machine-pop». What is «machine-pop»? Pure electronic music «from the roots», with mechanical robo-vocoders, exquisite minimalism, a cold atmosphere, and mathematically constructed melodies - in short, the classic sound of KRAFTWERK from the 70s /80s of the last century! Music, created not by people, but by machines - and by very talented machines... Indeed, analogies with KRAFTWERK are obvious here, and DATAPOP can be called direct followers and apologists of the musical philosophy of these great german pioneers of electronic music. For all fans of vintage electronic retro sound, analogue bits, science fiction books «about robots», and music of such projects as TELEX, METROLAND, DEUTSCHE BANK, SYSTEM, OIL 10, KRETZ, PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF are strongly recommended to pay attention to this swedish «machinists» from DATAPOP! Previously band released only digital releases and cassettes, and "Pop" becomes the first release on CD for DATAPOP. All the songs from "Pop" was digitally remastered for CD-edition.

Genre: Electro, Electronic, Machine Pop, Minimal
Country: Sweden
Format: mp3 / FLAC (*Tracks + covers)
Quality: 320 Kbit / Lossless
Total Time: 01:02:17
Total Size: 180 Mb / 347,8 Mb

четверг, 9 ноября 2017 г.

No Se Asuste - We Are Not Robots (2017) Lossless + mp3

Kraftwerk covers. Rock Instruments. All played live. Recorded and mixed 4 days.

Genre: Rock
Country: Spain
Format: mp3 / FLAC (*Tracks + covers)
Quality: 320 Kbit / Lossless
Total Time: 52:01
Total Size: 116 Mb / 297 Mb

суббота, 4 ноября 2017 г.

The Happy Little Robots - C:\> Demos (2017)

"This is a collection of demos for my side project The "Happy Little Robots". It's meant to be a tongue-in-cheek commentary on modern working life, but I would like to think that there is a serious moral to the story of the music. Check the individual tracks for the story behind each song. Debut album available late 2017" (Nathan Carlson)

Genre: Machine Pop, Electro Pop
Country: Australia
Format: mp3 / FLAC (*Tracks + covers)
Quality: 320 Kbit / Lossless 
Total Time: 17:44
Total Size: 37 Mb / 87 Mb

суббота, 5 августа 2017 г.

Datapop - ETT (2014)

DATAPOP is an electropop-duo from Sweden, making melodic machine pop influenced by Kraftwerk. Swedish melancholia meets european electronic kraut. Tounge in cheek minimalistic lyrics . They dare to choose their own path with a unique sound, avantgarde but with a loving respect to the electronic music history. This is engineering art from the automatic music factory.

Genre: Electro, Electro Pop, Machine Pop
Country: Sweden
Format: mp3 / FLAC (*Tracks + covers)
Quality: 320 Kbit / Lossless
Total Time: 23:18
Total Size: 51,4 Mb / 133 Mb

среда, 1 марта 2017 г.

пятница, 16 сентября 2016 г.

Zeitmodelle - EXPO Milano (2015) Lossless + mp3

Kirill Junolainen (Zeitmodelle) is finnish/russian electronic musicmaker, graphic designer, film director. Son of a deep underground. Began the first musical experiments in 1989. The first record is dated 1991. Started creativity in industrial music. Was the adherent of DIY culture. In the 90’s won glory of the sound experimenter and electromusical nonconformist. Preferred an analog sound of synthesizers and the sound environment of factories and plants. Very often, records and lives that time abounded with the terrible howl, cacophony, sound cannonade also a roar. In the late nineties passed to softer sound. Experiments ended almost. Since the beginning of the 00’s he writes down and executes music softer and pleasant for the listeners. Gives preference to such styles as electro, techno, ambient. His modern creativity is filled with beautiful melodies and pleasant sounds. It equally is suitable for sound landscapes of the airport, shop, factory or metro station.

Genre: Electro, Techno, Electronic
Country: Finland / Russia
Format: mp3 / FLAC (*Tracks + covers)
Quality: 320 Kbit / Lossless
Total Time: 34:56
Total Size: 120 Mb / 244,7 Mb